Flying With One Wing

In order to avoid the gender discrimination prevalent in Sri Lanka, a woman decides to pass as a man and gets a job as a mechanic and even takes a wife.

normal (2)A girl who grew up in a rural area of Sri Lanka who had to hide her sexual identity in order to impersonate herself as a male after coming of age. She fell in love with another girl and started living with her, while a gay young man continuously trying to win her heart while he was under the impression that she was a boy.


You can watch the official trailer for the movie here:

Original Title:Tani tatuwen piyabanna



Country: Sri Lanka 

Category: Drama

Director:Asoka Handagama

Stars: Anoma Janadari, Gayani Gisanthika, Mahendra Perera 

Run time: 81 min 

Release: 2003

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