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Chocolate Strawberry

Two girls, Key and Citra, struggle to make their ends meet, and that includes paying their monthly house rent. Their problems seem to be lifted up when two guys, Nesta and Aldi, move to the house and start playing roles in the girl’s lives, despite a certain big secret the two guys try to keep for themselves.

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Color Blossoms

Set in Hong Kong in the present, the film’s main character is a good-looking young estate agent named Meili who one day meets two people that will have a strong influence on her life. One of these people is Madame Umeki, a mysterious upper-class Japanese lady who asks Meili to find a tenant for her luxurious apartment. The other person is a police officer with the number 4708, a sort of dream man in uniform who appears to have sprung from Meili’s innermost desires.

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Cheerleader Queens

Four young men with a flair for drag leave their village to attend a catholic school in Bangkok. When the boys want to join the cheerleaders rather than any of the competitive teams they are rebuffed and end up joining the rugby team. Will they find acceptance on the team or will they find a way to achieve their real goal?

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In the main setting (Quezon City Memorial Circle, a park), with Martial Law (1972-1981) serving as the socio-cultural-political milieu in which assorted character’s lives intersect. The main character is Cris, the glue that gels the movie (and the various personas) together.

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Cry For Redemption

This is a story about Ram who is a discreet but promiscuous gay guy who frequents malls, bars and third-run theaters in search of a sex partner until he met Jay who works as a trike driver and fell madly in love. From then on, his sexcapade stops losing its rainbow color when he submits exclusively to Jay overwhelmed by the feelings that he is most happy even just seeing him until he finds out that Jay has long been a call boy and is occasionally selling himself to hungry homosexuals including a best friend.

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Campus Crush

The movie revolves around a bunch of hunky college boys taking a bet for their school’s equality week to see who can make the biggest loser the happiest. There’s a young nerdy gay boy named Cris who gains the attention of his longtime crush, Edge. His mother accepts his lifestyle and he gets the guy he’s in love with.

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Candy Rain

Candy Rain is a romantic drama which combines four intimate, lyrical tales exploring lesbian relationship in contemporary Taiwan. In the first episode, a young girl escapes a broken love for the uncertainties of friendship (and more) in Taipei. In the second, another girl, seeking her ideal, finds herself involved with a wealthy woman instead. The third story follows a heroine trying to find a balance between marriage and separation from her true love. The final story portrays a volatile foursome anchored by singer-actress Karena Lam. A rich, bittersweet spectrum of love and loss, based on true stories.

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