I am Juice

A Japanese lesbian erotic film.

maxresdefaultThis lesbian melodrama, the second of Fujii TV’s “Forbidden” series of theatrical erotic features. Action-movie regulars Naomi Akimoto and Natsuki Ozawa (Zero Woman) star as two female lovers who met in a college class. After graduation, they run a temp company which is the front for a detective agency dealing in blackmail information.

(Source: nytimes.com)

The trailer for the movie is not available but you can watch this instead:

Original Title: Atashi wa juice


Language: Japanese

Country: Japan

Category: Drama

Director: Toshiki Satô

Stars:Naomi Akimoto, Mitsuru Fukikoshi, Moto Fuyuki 

Run time: 91 min 

Release: 1996

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