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A female convict on death row, her last wish is to tell her story to the media. She grew up with six sisters, a mother and a father. The father always wanted a son so that the son could help with the financial issues of the family; the father doesn’t believe in women being gainfully employed. They have a transgender child (khawajah sara in Urdu) named Saifi. The father doesn’t like Saifi since she identifies as a girl. Saifi is deeply loved by the rest of her family.

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Joe + Belle

A very original romance and comedy. In this, two girls, are on the run from the law and an amusing set-up, amidst the falling rockets in present day Israel and chased by a disenchanted, alienated small-time drug dealer in Tel-Aviv. They consistently survive on the run as they learn about each other and belonging.

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Where Are We Going?

Akira Tachibara who works at Kinoshita Foundry cannot love other people because of the trauma he has gotten from his boss Kinoshita, who has been like a father to Akira but also has been molesting him since he was little. Akira gives detective Fukuda a blowjob in exchange for money when he is not working at the Foundry. In the melting iron, simple hard work Akira has been holding up the feeling of gloom.

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Hong Kong Night Club

Shibata and Tategami are Japanese journalists hiding out in the Lost City Night Club to elude the triads. Shibata falls in love with the club’s hottest singer, Cora, but is hampered by his disguise – as a woman. She in turn loves Tachikami, who is gay, and desires Shibata.

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The Spider’s Lair

Greg is an impoverished young man who goes online on Facebook as Bam Bonifacio, a wealthy ex-model and professional bum. He befriends strangers and wins them over by flirting and hints of possible face-to-face meeting and eventual romance. He can be gay or straight depending on the sexual orientation of his Facebook friend. When the time is right, he tells his Facebook friend that he is in a bind, needs cash immediately and requests that money be deposited in an account.

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Antonio’s Secret

It tells the story about teenage boy whose emerging gay sexuality alienates him from his friends and family, until his libertine uncle, Jonbert, comes to live with him and his mother. Antonio thinks he has found a kindred spirit, until the older man’s intentions toward the boy become incestuous and an act of unthinkable violence leaves the family reeling.

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