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In the main setting (Quezon City Memorial Circle, a park), with Martial Law (1972-1981) serving as the socio-cultural-political milieu in which assorted character’s lives intersect. The main character is Cris, the glue that gels the movie (and the various personas) together.

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The Whispering Of The Gods

Rou returns to the rural seminary farm where he studied as a boy and was molested by priests. Rou has recently had a history of violence, and he brings this anger to the seminary, triggering a series of atrocities within the seemingly peaceful retreat and the cycle of abuse and how the distortion of sexuality and spirituality can create hell on earth.

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La Maison De Himiko

Saori is a young woman who struggles to make a living, with no financial or romantic prospects in her life. One rainy day, she receives a visit at work from a handsome young man called Haruhiko. He claims to be the boyfriend of her estranged father, Himiko, who now runs a seaside rest home for elderly gays. He tells her that her father is dying of cancer. Saori still harbors resentment toward her father for abandoning her and her mother years ago. However, Haruhiko makes her a financial offer she can’t refuse, and she agrees to go and work at House of Himiko.

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Camellia Project: Three Queer Stories at Bogil Island

The film is composed of three different stories of contemporary gay life in South Korea. “Camellia” is of two old buddies having reunited as life went by, – a local and his recently-in-Seoul-living family-man partner. “Drifting Island” is of a family man found this solace in unexpected holiday affairs with a male local driver. “La Traviatta” is of a widow visiting a ceased husband’s male lover.

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Yaji And Kita: The Midnight Pilgrims

This is the story of two samurai in Edo period Japan who are in love. One is married, the other is a drug addict. They decide that in order to make things better they will go on a trip to Ise Sanctuary, where its presumed, everything will be made right. What happens once they get on the road is the movie.

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