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Kandagawa Wars

This comedic Japanese film is the story of two female roommates who are also lesbian lovers. When they accidentally find out about a mother and son involved in a sexual relationship with each other, they set out on a plan to rescue the son. In the process, both women begin having a relationship with him as well.

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1448 Love Among Us

Two women are in a relationship, though when tragedy strikes, a despotic law of the land cost’s one person’s life, a home and destroys the life of the one left behind.

IMG_6899Pim (played by Apinyaa Saiparna Sakuljaroensuk) is left behind when her male partner chooses to leave her to work abroad. She is certain all ties with him are cut. Enter another woman, Pat (played by Thai-Belgian singer Isabella Buaa Lete). The two women embark on an affair. They go as far as carrying out a wedding.

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Original Title:

Tagline: A girl-on-girl relationship is something men would never understand

Language: Thai

Country: Thailand

Category: Romance

Director: Arunsak Ongla-or

Stars: Pattadon Jan-Ngern, Pudit Kunchanasongkarm, Isabella Lete 

Run time: 

Release: 2014

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Star Appeal

The story revolves around a young man from the planet Mars, who is known as E.T., who arrives on Earth totally naked, and soon befriends a young Chinese man, Xiao Bo, who takes him home and teaches him several languages, mathematics, geography, world history, art and the natural sciences. The two become increasingly close, and eventually fall in love. The Chinese man is bisexual, and has both a boyfriend and girlfriend who befriend E.T., and also fall in love with him. The girl tries to conceive a baby with E.T., after which he falls into a coma.

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Afternoon Breezes

Natsuko’s co-worker Etsuko asks her how she feels about men. “Not for me,” she says, “I won’t degrade myself.” Based on an actual newspaper story, Afternoon Breezes presents Natsuko’s repressed lesbianism as a crush which evolves into an obsession with her roommate Mitsu.

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