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Gay Days

In 1985, there were three gays who were out of the closet in Israel. By 1998, there were 3,000. In this short, intensive and dramatic period, Israel came out of the closet in one of the quickest and most colorful revolutions of the end of the 20th century.

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Miracle On Jongno Street

A story about 4 gay men who try to lead a normal life in Korea, the conservative and harsh country for LGBT in Asia.


In the middle of making a queer film Jun-moon, a director, loses his self-confidence due to social scrutiny regarding his sexual orientation. Byung-gwon, a gay rights activist, has been participating in movements to establish equal rights for homosexual laborers. Young-soo, a chef who moved from the countryside 15 years ago, lived a lonely life but he finds happiness after joining a gay choir. Yol, who works for a major company, dreams of the day him and his partner, can have a legal wedding with overcoming the prejudice against people living with HIV/AIDS.


You can watch the official trailer of the movie here:

Original Title: Chonno no Kiseki


Language: Korean

Country:  South Korea

Category: Documentary,  Drama

Director: Hyuk-Sang Lee

Stars: Chang Byoung-Gwon, So Jun-Moon, Jung Yol 

Run time: 117 min 

Release: 2010

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