Campus Crush

The movie revolves around a bunch of hunky college boys taking a bet for their school’s equality week to see who can make the biggest loser the happiest. There’s a young nerdy gay boy named Cris who gains the attention of his longtime crush, Edge. His mother accepts his lifestyle and he gets the guy he’s in love with.

51W-EoIRrbLCris is a nerd college student who is at peace with his sexuality and yet maintains his virginity. His best friend, Chamyto, on the other hand, is determined to get every campus hunk that he can afford to validate himself. When three gorgeous hunks start a contest to befriend a looser for a week, both Chamyto and Cris become easy targets. Cris immediately realizes this ploy. But when his ultimate campus crush Edge targets him, Cris cant seem to refuse. Cris begins to gamble on a seven day relationship that he hopes will have a happy ending. But its still a bet, so someone wins and someone looses.

(Source:; youtube synopsis)

You may watch the official trailer here:

Original Title: Campus Crush


Language:  Filipino, Tagalog

Country:  Philippines

Category:  Comedy

Director: Crisaldo Pablo

Stars:  Joeffrey Javier, Arjay Carreon, Chamyto Aguedan

Run time: 

Release:  2009

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