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A Queer Story

A touching drama on homosexuality and its social consequences in modern urban Hong Kong, A Queer Story pairs 2 of Hong Kong’s popular veteran singers-actors portraying them as gay lovers with wildly divergent lifestyles. A relationship of eight years, between a younger, “out” hairdresser and his older, closeted counsellor lover is on the rocks. The counsellor’s lesbian aunt is beginning to confront the hostility that kept her estranged from her son after she went to live with her girlfriend. The son is, you guessed it, now a raging homophobe graduating from college. The older gay man’s high school girlfriend is putting pressure on him to finally marry her — even though she suspects that he is gay.

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Hong Kong Night Club

Shibata and Tategami are Japanese journalists hiding out in the Lost City Night Club to elude the triads. Shibata falls in love with the club’s hottest singer, Cora, but is hampered by his disguise – as a woman. She in turn loves Tachikami, who is gay, and desires Shibata.

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