Dingdong and Aljur (Brad Laurente and James Pinca) both work for Melos (Toffee Calma), a gay film director. Dingdong resists Melos’ advances, while Aljur is all too happy to oblige him. As Aljur and Dingdong start to get closer, Aljur’s estranged wife Bea (Irish Contreras) suddenly shows up at Melos’ doorstep. Seeing an opportunity, Melos begins to manipulate his housemates, forcing them into a game of betrayal and infidelity. He locates Dingdong’s old girlfriend Angelica (Jenaira Chu) and brings her into his home as well. Before long, relationships are strained as sex runs rampant in the household.

hqdefault (1)There’s a little more thought put into this plot than your average gay exploitation movie. But that’s not really saying a lot. The premise is at least a little interesting, playing on the idea of malleable sexual dynamics in the context of defined class boundaries. Infidelity in the movie is a game, a source of casual entertainment for those with the power and position to manipulate others.


You can watch the trailer for the movie here:

Original Title: Laro


Language:Filipino | Tagalog

Country: Philippines 

Category: Drama

Director:Vince Tan

Stars:Toffee Calma, James Pinca, Brad Laurente 

Run time: 70 min 

Release: 2011

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