By regularly introducing you FEATURE FILMS, Gay Asia Films will aim to give you the most comprehensive LGBT themed Asian movie DIRECTORY on the planet. If you are passionate about LGBT themed Asian feature films, look no further!

vlcsnap00140Gay Asia Films is a curated site dealing solely with full length feature films about the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community in every country and territory in Asia as well as those elsewhere with the same Asian LGBT related theme.

It aims to inform and introduce you to the best of such films by handpicking each title and creating for you a dedicated, specialized and visually stimulating directory of the best LGBT-themed Asian feature films in a single place.

The point is not to give you an opinion or review but to help you appreciate and explore LGBT-themed Asian films by providing just the information as plainly and accurately as possible.

Each film is introduced with a short synopsis followed by a summary and plot of the film, what the film is about as well as a tagline where applicable. A photo gallery slideshow, video trailer or clip from the movie is added to help you better appreciate and explore the film.

For convenience sake, all titles are primarily listed in English. The menu on the homepage lists only the titles in English using the first alphabet of the title to sort.

There is only a minimum of facts to include language, country, director, stars, category, run time, year of release. Also, where applicable, is mentioned the original or alternate title.

In all cases sources either primary or secondary will be mentioned as accurately as possible. No copyright infringements intended. Photos, video clips, promotional material used are for representative purposes only and all credits go to the original photographers, artists or organizations. Standard Fair Policy Use guidelines are applied.

Gay Asia Films is also available on Facebook and Twitter. Please do use this blog and other social media spaces to join in, write, comment, rate. If you like this site, invite your friends and above all share.

If you have a list of LGBT-themed Asian films you would like to see as part of this directory, you may send it using the contact form.

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