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Set in the 70’s during the darkest hours of Philippine History, we follow the story of two young NPA (New People’s Army, the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines) warriors who find themselves entangled in a web of frustration, despair and victory as they fight not only for democracy but also their love for each other.

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Campus Crush

The movie revolves around a bunch of hunky college boys taking a bet for their school’s equality week to see who can make the biggest loser the happiest. There’s a young nerdy gay boy named Cris who gains the attention of his longtime crush, Edge. His mother accepts his lifestyle and he gets the guy he’s in love with.

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Bishonen… Beauty

Jet is the star gigolo in Hong Kong. Arrogant, sexy, everyone falls in love with him, but he falls in love with no one… until one day he meets Sam, the hunkiest policeman to ever pound a beat on Hollywood Road. From then on, Jet changes himself into somebody he is not: innocent, sweet, clean, pure. It’s way of setting a trap to catch Sam. But unknowingly Jet falls into the trap himself. Things begin to get out of control when it turns out that Sam’s past is part of Jet’s present.

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Blue Gate Crossing

Two teenage girls are best friends, when one doesn’t have the courage to talk to a boy she likes the other acts as messenger. However the boy mistakes the messenger as the girl who likes him, and the messenger starts to wonder about her own feelings for her friend.

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Gay Lovers

After Noboru saves Hayase from drowning by giving him mouth-to-mouth, Hayase grows confused about his feelings. It doesn’t help that around the same time he meets Noboru’s twin brother Ryu who has a very different, outgoing personality. But something doesn’t seem right and Hayase gets confused between these two bothers.

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Ben & Sam

A college heartthrob meets a college newbie – a challenge, a tension, a discovery, and a love that will change everything between them. Ben and Sam are polar opposites. They couldn’t be more dissimilar from each other, except that they share a dubious Film Class together – and that they vie for the “Campus King” title. While Ben is the resident sports jock, Sam is the eccentric who takes dance lessons. When Sam invites Ben as partner for their thesis, the latter accepts. Then one day, they share an unexpected kiss and thus starts their arduous journey towards social acceptance.

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Pediatrician William is planning on going to Australia and before he flies to the great down under, he invites local tour guide/boatman JP  to his home in Tagaytay. Twenty-four hours under one roof, the two men remind themselves of how they met. From here we learn that they had a relationship. A call from a girlfriend begins the bitter moments of the film but is eased by dancing waltz. The evening ends with steamy lovemaking that would be their last. By morning, William packs his stuff, drives off and contemplates whether he will leave an asleep, butt naked JP for his girlfriend or just stay in bed… feeling warmth with the sad boy who’s so much into him.

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Mixed Kebab

Tracking the unlikely love affair of a hunky closeted gay Muslim from a traditional Turkish family and a blond Belgian boy. Ibrahim lives a double life. A dutifully religious Muslim and also a casual drug dealer and closeted gay man. When Ibrahim flies off to Turkey to meet his future wife he brings his stunning friend Kevin and soon a love affair develops between the two men. Faced with no choice but to navigate between these two opposing worlds, things soon come to an explosive crossroad.

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First Love

Tadashi has fallen in love with his classmate, Kota, and doesn’t dare to tell anyone. This destroys all hope he ever had of getting together with Kota. Thoroughly depressed, Tadashi meets a gay couple on the train. Hiroki and Shinji are fascinating…

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