Jay Aquitania stars as Marlon, a handsome but closeted gay student who collects cell-phone porn videos to impress his friends-especially tricycle driver, Jonas (Janvier Daily), to whom he’s attracted. In his search for the ultimate sex video, he consequently ends up creating a scandal involving one of his mother’s (the scene-stealing Elizabeth Oropesa) boarders, the mysterious Roxanne.


roxxxanneMarlon (Jay Aquitania) is a student who receives blowjobs from gay men in exchange for cash and the latest video scandal. But he may be gay, too, as his sexual feelings for his friend Jonas (Janvier Daily) distract him more and more. It’s the videos that will undo him. The two actors are undeniably hot, and there’s been much talk already about Jay Aquitania’s morning fresh deliciousness and Janvier Daily’s sweaty from-the-streets machismo, but the sexiest thing about them in this movie is not mentioned enough: They talk like real boys and their naturalness is panty-dropping hot.


You can watch the official trailer for the movie here:

Original Title:


Language: Filipino, Tagalog

Country: Philippines 

Category: Drama

Director:Jun Lana

Stars: Sheree, Jay Aquitania, Janvier Daily

Run time: 90 min 

Release: 2007

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