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Miracle On Jongno Street

A story about 4 gay men who try to lead a normal life in Korea, the conservative and harsh country for LGBT in Asia.


In the middle of making a queer film Jun-moon, a director, loses his self-confidence due to social scrutiny regarding his sexual orientation. Byung-gwon, a gay rights activist, has been participating in movements to establish equal rights for homosexual laborers. Young-soo, a chef who moved from the countryside 15 years ago, lived a lonely life but he finds happiness after joining a gay choir. Yol, who works for a major company, dreams of the day him and his partner, can have a legal wedding with overcoming the prejudice against people living with HIV/AIDS.

(Source: imdb.com)

You can watch the official trailer of the movie here:

Original Title: Chonno no Kiseki


Language: Korean

Country:  South Korea

Category: Documentary,  Drama

Director: Hyuk-Sang Lee

Stars: Chang Byoung-Gwon, So Jun-Moon, Jung Yol 

Run time: 117 min 

Release: 2010

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