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Atafeh is the teenage daughter of a wealthy Iranian family in Tehran. She and her best friend, the orphaned Shireen attend illicit parties and experiment with sex, drinking, and drugs. Atafeh’s brother Mehran is a recovering drug addict who becomes increasingly religious and obsessed with Shireen, coinciding with the collapse of his once-strong relationship with his sister. The heads of the family are the Hakimi parents, Firouz and Azar, who reminisce on their youth and what has become and what will become of their family.

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Camellia Project: Three Queer Stories at Bogil Island

The film is composed of three different stories of contemporary gay life in South Korea. “Camellia” is of two old buddies having reunited as life went by, – a local and his recently-in-Seoul-living family-man partner. “Drifting Island” is of a family man found this solace in unexpected holiday affairs with a male local driver. “La Traviatta” is of a widow visiting a ceased husband’s male lover.

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City Without Baseball

The actual members of the Hong Kong Baseball Team all prove themselves to be natural actors by playing themselves in this fictional youth drama set in 2004. In a city where baseball culture is non-existent, these baseball players are a minority by choice. The experience teaches them to be free-thinkers in dealing with love, friendship and their own sexuality. It also enables them to find the will to live in the face of death and the strength to conquer losing in a spectatorless sport.

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