The film starts with a guy bringing different men every night in his apartment. Every man has shown to be with some peculiar features. After first five minutes the film moves 3 years and starts showing life of few people in the city of Tel Aviv some of whom eventually turn out to be men whom this character sleeps with.


OITD_Dinner-invitation_hires1Omer, a young guy soon to turn 30 works as a librarian and is looking for his love. He meets Danny for a blind date which goes well but he thinks that Danny is too young for him. Danny lives with Ronen, his ex-boyfriend who is a journalist and often visits the library. Omer and Ronen have noticed each other. Then we have Shirley, Omer’s little sister. Aside from being Omer’s greatest annoyance, she is in an unconventional relationship with, Michal, owner of the city’s hippest coffeehouse and her boss. She breaks u her wedding with Michal at the last moment because she wants to travel the world specially Antarctica. Omer’s best friend goes on a date with Ronen and have god time and sex. One day in library Ronen invite Omer to go with him to a meeting They realize that they have lots in common with each other but cant do anything about it. Finally the day comes when Omer’s mother invites Omer, Shirley, Michal and Omer’s friend for his birthday. His friend invites along Ronen and thats where Omer and Ronen realize that they are meant for each other.


You can watch the official trailer for the movie here:

Original Title: Antarctica


Language: Hebrew, English, German

Country: Israel 

Category: Drama, Romance

Director:Yair Hochner

Stars: Ofer Regirer, Guy Zoaretz, Yuval Raz

Run time: 112 min 

Release: 2008

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