The Memoirs

A lifestyle photographer, a student activist, and a relationship that developed amidst contrasting ideals and principles.

Alimuom ng Kahapon pic 1Nathan (DM), a lifestyle photographer, is sent as a reliever to cover a rally for the newspaper he is working for. His attention is caught by Emman (Angelo), a student activist, who is rallying against tuition increase. Nathan develops an interest on Emman and starts following rallies just to take pictures of him. Finally, Nathan gets acquainted with Emman after avoiding an event that goes out of hand. A special relationship grows between them. But the relationship is never smooth as it is full of clashes, a love-hate relationship as both get caught up with their differences as they are forced to make choices.


You can watch the official trailer for the movie here:

Original Title: Alimuom ng Kahapon


Language: Filipino

Country: Philippines 

Category: Drama, Romance

Director: Rosswil H. Hilario

Stars: DM Sevilla,  Angelo Ilagan, Manuel Chua, Sebastian Castro, Marq Dollentes, Rex Lantano, Ford Fernandez

Run time: 100 min 

Release: 2015

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