“Bathhouse” uses characters to tell the story of what gay life is in the Philippines.

bathhouse--2Rico, a young boy of 20 (played  by Ray-An Dulay), slowly awakens to his gayness and longs to make a connection with his peers. His initial forays into eyeballs lead him nowhere, until he gets invited to Klub Hombre–a private bar for straight-acting gay men who come for their quickies in the anonymous comfort of darkness.

The guy who invited him, Chris (Jet Alcantara), is a gorgeous but jaded hunk who has conflated all hopes for love and emotional connection with his nightly descent into the bar’s orgy lair. “Lust has no face, only bodies,” he tells Rico, to fend off the boy’s instant affection for him.

But Rico refuses to believe that love is not possible in such a desperate place, and proceeds to learn the hard way how social invisibility often renders bright-eyed gay men like himself embittered and lost–but also wiser, more purposeful in the end.


You can watch the official trailer for the movie here:

Original Title: Bathhouse 


Language:Tagalog, Filipino, English

Country: Philippines 

Category: Drama

Director: Crisaldo Pablo

Stars: Jet Alcantara, Ray An Dulay, Andoy Ranay 

Run time: 107 min 

Release: 2005

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