Chitrangada is a story of a Dancer. Rudra Chatterjee,the protagonist wanted to become a dancer but had to study engineering to fulfill his father’s dream. The story is about the crowning wish which remains unfulfilled.

chitrangada-sep3Rabindranath Tagore was motivated with the character Chitrangada from Mahabharata. He modifies the character and gives a rebirth into a different Chitrangada. The character became an identity wisher. Chitrangada was the princess of the Manipura. She was born phenotypically female. Although a boon from Lord Shiva to the king of the empire was the royal family will only have sons to keep the heir. So the king considered Chitrangada as son. And taught her all warrior and masculine attitudes. At one very particular day of monsoon when Chitrangada was at the forest for hunting, the Arjuna came to Manipur continuing is Brahmacharya. He saw her fighting like a man and he was very impressed and ingrained. But when Chitrangada saw Arjun she got melted into! That scenario turn her wish to love Arjun. So her wish to become a proper beautified woman! The lord of sex gave her boons and she turned into a very attractive and appealing woman. They loved each other but the king of Manipur did not allow their offspring (son) to not to go to the Empirer of Arjuna. This is the story of Chitrangada.


You can watch the trailer for the movie here:

Original Title: Chitrangada

Tagline: A crowning wish 

Language: Bengali, English

Country: India

Category: Drama

Director:Rituparno Ghosh

Stars: Kaushik Banerjee, Dipankar Dey, Anjan Dutt 

Run time: 135 min 

Release: 2012

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