Withered in a Blooming Season

When a high school student senses that his little sister is growing up and developing a life of her own, he panics and asks a close friend to help him rein her in. As they work on their plan, the two boys discover a whole new side to their own relationship.

61i4HnOu2gL._SY606_Feng is a gay Beijing high school student who shares his home and room with his twin sister Wen. While never fully blown, his attractions toward his sister are non the less, obsessive. But Wen is now growing too old for his attentions and is ready to make a life of her own.

Enlisting his best friend (who just happens to be gay), Feng tries to involve his sister in a relationship that he can control. Yet his plan back fires in a series of ways that leads to an unexpected but wonderful conclusion.

(Source: cduniverse.com; amazon.com)

The trailer for the movie is not available but you can watch this instead:

Original Title:


Language: Mandarin

Country: China

Category: Drama

Director: Cui Zi’en

Stars: Wang Guifeng, Jiao Le, Wang Ren’an, Xianqwen

Run time: 90 min 

Release: 2009

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