It Gets Better

The story is in three segments.These stories are all very touching and engaging. It brings to the surface the desires and needs of people, being they physical or emotional.

getsbetter02The first is about a young man coming back to Thailand from the USA to inherit his father’s gay bar. The second is about a young boy who is caught dressing in women’s clothes, and he gets sent to a Buddhist temple for repentance. The third is about a woman who goes to a remote village, but is mistaken for a thief.


You can watch the trailer of the movie here:

Original Title:


Language: Thai

Country: Thailand

Category:  Drama

Director: Tanwarin Sukkhapisit

Stars: Kawin Imanothai, Nuntita Khampiranon, Penpak Sirikul 

Run time: 104 min

Release: 2012

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