The Torture Club

The “Torture Club” is an official afterschool activity at the private school Saint Honesty Gakuen. Yuzuki (Kijima Noriko) has no idea about the club when she enrolls, and gets abducted by the club members and hauled off the clubroom. There, she finds out that upperclass student Aoi (Yoshizumi Haruna), her secret idol, is in the club, and decides to join, but…

aianmeiden.01eYuzuki Muto has been accepted to the prestigious private girls’ high school St. Anesty Academy that she never dreamed of attending. One spring day with cherry blossoms in full bloom, she attends the entrance ceremony with high hopes and expectations only soon to find herself getting ‘escorted’ by two students to a basement room used by the school-approved Torture Club, where they practice and master the art of torture. With her hands and feet bound together, Yuzuki is coerced to join the club by the club manager Yuri Kobashi and member Maika Shinzaki. Then there appears Aoi Funaki, a stunningly beautiful upperclassman whom Yuzuki fell in love with at first sight on the day of her entrance exam. Yuzuki’s rigorous training now begins! Yuzuki grows in her affection for Aoi, but there is the hard and fast rule of ‘no romance’ in the Torture Club…


You can watch the official trailer of the movie here:

Original Title: Chotto kawaii aian meiden


Language: Japanese

Country: Japan

Category: Comedy, Romance

Director: Kôta Yoshida

Stars: Reiko Hayama, Noriko Kijima, Yuki Mamiya

Run time: 107 min 

Release: 2014

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