How To Fight In Six Inches

A neurotic junior fashion designer from New York discovers her fiancé, KIET, working overseas in Vietnam may be having an affair with a supermodel. With jealousy burning and her wedding date on the horizon, she conjures up a scheme to achieve the ultimate makeover, investigate the supermodels and infiltrate the high-fashion world of Saigon in order to catch him in the act. But her plan backfires when she really befriends the three supermodels and discovers that there is more to life than living through a series of checklists.


The film’s script was adapted from a story by its lead, Kathy Uyen. She and director Ham Tran grew up in California where they got their start in films, but they have since rediscovered their Vietnamese connections. Uyen now lives in Vietnam, where she has become a star, and Tran made his feature debut as a director in 2006 with Journey From The Fall, a poignantly told tale about an immigrant family forced by extreme persecution to find their way from Vietnam to the US by boat. How to Fight in Six-Inch Heels finds him dealing with a very different Vietnam – although the story begins in New York where Anne (Uyen) is employed as a fashion assistant by a chronically hysterical designer of limited talent who is rapidly running out of inspiration. As a result, he offers Anne a chance to come up with a line of her own and she’s naive enough to believe that she’s going to get the credit for it. But things take a turn for the chaotic when her fiance, Kiet (Petey ”Majik” Nguyen), a Vietnamese businessman, breaks the news that he has to spend three months working in Saigon. Anne is already halfway to being as neurotic as her boss. She’s so controlling that she’s drawn up a highly detailed ”life plan”. And soon after Kiet’s arrival in Saigon, she convinces herself that he’s having an affair with a supermodel. With her life plan at serious risk, she packs her part-finished fashion sketches and sets out to win back her man. Once in the country, however, she resorts to a more roundabout route. She won’t confront him. Instead, she will find out what he’s up to by infiltrating the world of Saigon’s runway models. The rest is a melange of shopping, gossip, cattiness and knockabout comedy, starting with a makeover montage overseen by Danny (Don Nguyen), a diminutive stylist with a vertical hairdo and rising inflections to match. He tortures Anne into mastering the art of staying upright in a pair of towering platforms and she soon gets a chance to totter on to the catwalk in the company of the country’s three top supermodels as well as navigating the consolations and pitfalls of sisterhood.


You may watch the official trailer here:

Original Title: Am muu giay got nhon


Language: Vietnamese 

Country: Vietnam

Category: Comedy

Director: Ham Tran

Stars: Kathy Uyen, Truc Diem, Jayvee Mai The Hiep

Run time: 95 min

Release: 2013

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