Hello My Love

Ho-jeong finds out her boyfriend has fallen in love with a man while studying abroad. She demands one month of dating to win him back.


Everything seems rosy for popular radio personality Ho-jeong (Jo An). She is about to be promoted, evoking the wrath of her unsmiling senior colleague, and is about to welcome back her perfect boyfriend Won-jae (Min Suk) from his two-year sojourn in Paris.

The two childhood friends-turned-lovers have been dating for 10 years, and Ho-jeong waits with glee for Won-jae to fulfill his promise to propose to her once he returns. The wedding seems to be only a formality, as orphaned Ho-jeong is already part of Won-jae’s family.

Won-jae however hasn’t come back alone ― his roommate from Paris, wine sommelier Dong-hwa (Ryu Sang-ok), never seems to leave his side. Ho-jeong pouts but waits patiently for Won-jae and Dong-hwa to set up their new wine restaurant. But little does she suspect that Dong-hwa literally meant it when he said that “With Won-jae’s cooking and my knowledge of wine, we’re the perfect couple.” (The movie tries to make things more palpable for those less comfortable with homosexuality by adding an element of exoticism, as if getting in touch with one’s true nature is only possible in the city d’amour).

When Ho-jeong finally discovers the truth, her world comes crashing down. An audience member once cried on her radio show that his wife suddenly came out of the closet ― “I understand you must be shocked but wouldn’t your wife be the one in the most pain, having to deal with an identity crisis? Would it be impossible to try to understand her and embrace her, on a human level?” Likewise Won-jae begs her for her sympathy, saying he discovered his true self through Dong-hwa, but things are often easier said than done.

(Source: www.koreatimes.co.kr)

You may watch a clip from the movie here:

Original Title: Hel-lo-mai-leo-beu


Language: Korean

Country: South Korea

Category: Romantic Comedy

Director: Aaron Kim

Stars: An Jo, Seok Min, Sang-Wook Ryoo

Run time: 95 min

Release: 2009

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