My Bromance

The love of two schoolboys, Golf and Bank. Golf is an aggressive boy and Bank is gentle, considerate and sweet-natured.


Both boys are products of broken families. Bank and his mum moved in to Golf’s place after their parents got married. At first, Golf was very apprehensive of Bank. Golf is a boy who never gets much attention from his parents and he thinks things have gotten worse after they separated. His dad only showers him with material things and money but lacks the love and warmth parents give to their children. Bank tries everytime to reach out to his new stepbrother only to be met with hostility. He was turned into a minion doing everything Golf orders him to do: carrying Golf’s backpack, hailing a red truck to school, writing notes, tying Golf’s shoes, to name a few. There might have a been a few hurdles in the beginning but soon enough, they slowly learned the essence of being a brother to one another.

You can watch the official trailer of the movie here:

Original Title: Phi Chai


Language: Thai

Country: Thailand

Category: Drama

Director: Nitchapoom Chaianun

Stars:Teerapat Lohanan, Pongsatorn Sripinta, Withawat Thaokhamlue

Run time: 118 min

Release: 2014

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