Man On High Heels

From people’s eyes he seems like a sadistic cop who give no mercy to his enemy. But, deep inside his heart Ji-wook hides his desire to become a woman.


Yoon Ji-wook is a hard-as-nails homicide detective known for his undisputed ability to nab violent criminals. He is revered as a legend in the police force and at the same time feared among the mafia for his brutality in cracking down on crime. Yet, beneath his cool, macho appearance lies a secret that he must hide from the world he lives in. Ji-wook has wanted to become a woman ever since his teenage years. He tries to suppress this inner desire, but in vain. Ji-wook finally reaches the point where he makes up his mind to live as a woman, and decides to take the plunge and get a sex change operation. However, before he has a chance to do so, unexpected crises arise and interfere with his plans. A gang that suffered from the cold, hard steel of Ji-wook’s handcuffs are dead set on getting their revenge against him. Ji-wook resigns and tries to go about making his dream a reality, but people close to him get sucked into the revenge plot he finds himself at the center of. When some of those people get killed and a girl named Jang-mi falls into danger, he realizes that he can’t stand idly by any longer.


You can watch the official trailer of the movie here:

Original Title: Hai-hil


Language: Korean

Country: South Korea

Category: Action, Comedy

Director: Jin Jang

Stars:Seung-won Cha, Jeong-se Oh, Esom

Run time:  125 min 

Release: 2014

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