Men And Women

Men and Women follows the travels of a young homosexual man,Xiao Bo, who goes to Beijing in search of a job.

Migrant construction workers drink beer during a meal inside their dormitory after a shift at a residential construction site in ShanghaiThere he is taken in by Qing Jie, who not only gives him a home in her apartment, but also a job in her clothing store. While she tries to set Xiao Bo with her friend A Meng, Xiao Bo resists and eventually moves out when he is assaulted by Qing Jie’s husband. He moves in with his friend,Chong Chong, with whom a romantic relationship is kindled.

Qing Jie, meanwhile, discovers that she may have feelings for A Meng, and decides to leave her husband.

Men and Women focuses on the daily lives of its characters, rather than their underground existence in Chinese society.


You may watch a clip from the movie here:

Original Title: Nánnán nǚnǚ


Language:  Mandarin

Country:  China

Category: Drama

Director: Liu Bingjian

Stars: Qing Yang, Yu Bo

Run time:  89 min

Release:  1999

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