Waris Jari Hantu

Tok Wan Rimau, the custodian of the spiritual tiger, is searching for a female heir to inherit her powers. Tina and Ari are the relatives of Tok Wan. They are also best friends. Tok Wan’s spiritual tiger protects her family and their village from harm. Tina, who is in love with Ari, nurtures her secret dream of marrying him even though the villagers often ridicule the effeminate Ari as a sissy.

waris jari hantu 5Deeply traumatized by these insults, Ari continues to hide behind his close relationship with Tina. Despite parental objections, Tina seems destined to be the next in line as custodian of the mystical tiger. But Ari steps in, offering himself instead

 (Source: imdb.com; en.wikipedia.org)

You may watch the official trailer here:

Original Title: Waris Jari Hantu


Language:  Malay

Country:  Malaysia

Category:  Fantasy

Director: Shuhaimi Baba

Stars: Maya Karin, Rusdi Ramli, Azean Irdawaty, Kavita Sidhu

Run time:  90 min

Release:  2007

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