Chocolate Strawberry

Two girls, Key and Citra, struggle to make their ends meet, and that includes paying their monthly house rent. Their problems seem to be lifted up when two guys, Nesta and Aldi, move to the house and start playing roles in the girl’s lives, despite a certain big secret the two guys try to keep for themselves.

days6_33Key and Citra, despite their beauty, are for some unexplained reason very unlucky in love and fear that they will end up as spinsters. They immediately fall for their handsome housemates. Unbeknown to them, the two young men are actually lovers, though various visual clues ensure that the audience is let in on the secret. While Nesta has a very masculine and straight-acting look, Aldi is feminine and moody. Nesta explains to Aldi – and to the audience – the theory of chocolate strawberry.

Basically, strawberry equates to feminine and gay, and so in order not to be found out it is important to act chocolate – that is, to act masculine and straight. As well as more innocent ways of showing that one is straight, such as doing weight training, spending hours on the PlayStation, and not cooking, Nesta decides it would be a good ploy to start flirting with and eventually dating Key. Aldi becomes increasingly jealous as he sees his love of the last two years devoting far too much attention to Key.


You may watch a video clip from the movie here:

Original Title: Coklat stroberi


Language:  Indonesian

Country:  Indonesia

Category:  Drama, Comedy

Director: Ardy Octaviand

Stars: Marrio Merdhithia, Nino Fernandez, Nadia Saphira

Run time:  97 min

Release:  2007

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