Color Blossoms

Set in Hong Kong in the present, the film’s main character is a good-looking young estate agent named Meili who one day meets two people that will have a strong influence on her life. One of these people is Madame Umeki, a mysterious upper-class Japanese lady who asks Meili to find a tenant for her luxurious apartment. The other person is a police officer with the number 4708, a sort of dream man in uniform who appears to have sprung from Meili’s innermost desires.

colorblossoms1A little later on Meili meets the reticent young Kim, who appears out of nowhere whilst she is showing the apartment to a potential tenant. He starts to film Meili with an old super 8mm camera and, when she asks him what he is doing, his only response is a long and passionate kiss.

Meili can’t help herself – she falls in love with Kim on the spot. Torn between him and her policeman, she is shocked to discover that No. 4708 was once Madame Umeki’s lover, at which point the whole affair starts to become increasingly bizarre


You may watch the official trailer here:

Original Title: Toh sik


Language:  Cantonese, English, Japanese

Country:  Hong Kong

Category:  Drama

Director: Yonfan

Stars: Teresa Cheung, Chiao Chiao, Ri-su Ha

Run time:  106 min

Release:  2004

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