In the main setting (Quezon City Memorial Circle, a park), with Martial Law (1972-1981) serving as the socio-cultural-political milieu in which assorted character’s lives intersect. The main character is Cris, the glue that gels the movie (and the various personas) together.

circles--3As he has done countless times before, Cris is riding the jeepney bus along the Elliptical Road bordering the Quezon Memorial Circle. Suddenly a robbery begins and he finds himself being held at knife point. As his life passes before his eyes, he asks the question, what could I have done in the past to save me from this? “Circles” tells the story of Cris’ life in the days leading up to the robbery. As a trader at Quezon Memorial Circle, he deals with all levels of Filipino society. From fruit sellers to student protesters to male hookers all lives intersect at the park and it’s historical landmarks. As brave and creative as Pablo’s past features (“Doubt”, “Bathhouse”) and shot gorilla style on a shoe string budget, “Circles” promises to be all things to all gay people: entertainment, fable and erotica.


The official trailer is not available but you can see a similar clip here:

Original Title: Bilog


Language:  Filipino, Tagalog

Country:  Philippines

Category:  Drama

Director: Crisaldo Pablo

Stars: Archie de Calma, Rudolph Segundo, Dax Alejandro

Run time:  112 min

Release:  2005

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