Out Loud

A modern tale of friendship and love in Lebanon today. It is also a bittersweet reflection on the social struggles of the after war generation.

12457_43_98Jason, whose parents were killed in an auto accident when he was a boy, invites his four best friends, his created family, to stay at his house. Elvis is a drug dealer working for his father’s business, though he would rather have a career as a guitarist. Louis, who lost the woman he loved seven years ago when she eloped with a wealthy man, doesn’t feel he can ever love again. Rami is an artist whose family finds out he is gay, and kicks him out of the house. He confesses to his friends that he is gay and must leave the country with his partner Ziad (who acts as a bodyguard for this tribe) because his father and cousins are trying to kill him. Nathalie, a charming, vivacious woman they meet on the Internet, comes to the house running away from her family, because she doesn’t want to enter an arranged marriage.

All these characters meet in Jason’s home to solve their problems, ultimately challenging traditional cultural morality with their postwar-generation beliefs. All the straight guys fall in love with Nathalie, and they decide to get marrieden masse, which will have serious consequences for everyone.

(Source: imdb.com; ebar.com)

You may watch the official trailer here:

Original Title: Out Loud


Language:  Arabic, English

Country:  Lebanon

Category:  Romance, Drama

Director: Samer Daboul

Stars: Rudy Moarbes, Ali Rhayem, Jad Hadid

Run time:  102 min

Release:  2011

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