The Whispering Of The Gods

Rou returns to the rural seminary farm where he studied as a boy and was molested by priests. Rou has recently had a history of violence, and he brings this anger to the seminary, triggering a series of atrocities within the seemingly peaceful retreat and the cycle of abuse and how the distortion of sexuality and spirituality can create hell on earth.

god1It starts out with a priest reading from the bible, only to zoom out to find a kid giving him a handjob. This kid is Rou, our lead character. He lived at a seminary farm when he was younger. The story is set when he gets back to the farm after many years. He escaped from having committed a crime, and went back to the seminary farm to hide. As we find out what crime Rou had committed, it becomes more clear what effect his youth had on him. The years of sexual abuse have come full circle and Rou is now quick to take bizarre actions when things aren’t going his way.

Some really repulsive things go on, such as being molested by a priest, the butchering of a pig, a man who wants to lick spit and smell puke, and even some brief animal sex scenes but the film is all about the characters and the psychological aspect of what’s going on.


You may watch the official trailer here:

Original Title: Gerumaniumu no yoru

AKA: The Whispering of the Gods


Language:  Japanese

Country:  Japan

Category:  Drama

Director: Tatsushi Ohmori

Stars:  Hirofumi Arai, Reona Hirota, Megumi Sawara

Run time:  107 min

Release:  2007

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