Stateless Things

Jun is an illegal immigrant from North Korea, working in a gas station under an exploitative and abusive boss. Hyeon is the kept boy of a married businessman, who has set him up in a swanky apartment near the government’s headquarters in Yeouido. Both young men are in trouble. Jun’s lack of an official identity and papers limits him to dead-end jobs (the gas station, handing out flyers, and eventually male prostitution) and leaves him always in fear of arrest and deportation. Hyeon, who is supposed to be available whenever his sugar daddy “needs” him, stifles in his up-market “prison”. These two finally find each other through an Internet site, with disastrous results. The sudden convergence of their opposite lives gives Kim the cues he needs for a series of reflections on the implications of “statelessness”.

stateless-things5“Stateless Things” follows two men who live on the fringe of society in South Korea.

Joon is a North Korean defector who works at a gas station. His co-worker at the gas station is Soon-Hee, an ethnic Korean who migrated to the country from China. When the boss at the gas station sexually harasses Soon-Hee, Joon finds himself sticking up from the woman. Joon is soon relieved from his job, but returns to collect his unpaid wages. A fight erupts that leads Joon and Soon-Hee escaping from their workplace together.

Hyun is a good-looking young man who finds himself living in an expensive high-rise apartment. He lives there as the lover of a wealthy, older businessman. Hyun receives a phone call from a woman looking for her husband.

Joon and Hyun then meet to put an end to their lives. In the process, their outlook on life changes …


You may watch the official trailer here:

Original Title:  Stateless Things


Language:  Korean

Country:  South Korea

Category:  Drama

Director: Kyung-Mook Kim

Stars: Hyeong-gook Im, Sae-Byuk Kim, Paul Lee

Run time:  115 min

Release:  2011

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