Mixed Kebab

Tracking the unlikely love affair of a hunky closeted gay Muslim from a traditional Turkish family and a blond Belgian boy. Ibrahim lives a double life. A dutifully religious Muslim and also a casual drug dealer and closeted gay man. When Ibrahim flies off to Turkey to meet his future wife he brings his stunning friend Kevin and soon a love affair develops between the two men. Faced with no choice but to navigate between these two opposing worlds, things soon come to an explosive crossroad.

mixed-kebab-01Ibrahim is a 27 year old Muslim who was raised in a multicultural residential area with his parents. He is brought up in western society. He has a secret, he is gay. In his Turkish life the thick stain of gay lifestyle is a great controversial subject in his culture.

Soon his brother black mails him and also around town their is talk about his sexual life. Ibrahim is haunted with the reality that his family and friends will find out about his nature. Ibrahim has been chosen an arranged marriage by his family back in Turkey.

Soon the plot grows as Ibrahim meets a new young man named Kevin, 19 year old Belgian boy. Kevin’s mother senses the affection between each other with glances and stares. She encourages them to get together. They at the start become just friends.

As his parents move forward with the arranged marriage Ibrahim buys a ticket to Turkey and also he hides the fact that he bought Kevin a ticket for him to go. Soon a passionate beautiful love affair begins between the two. Sadly the darkness steps in with black mail and anger and jealous.

Soon the hatred and bigotry step in as the truth comes out and the family, friends and community cause conflict. The Fundamentalist Muslim community brings forth hatred toward Kevin.

(Source: abucketofcorn.com)

You may watch the official trailer here:

Original Title: Mixed Kebab


Language:  Flemish, Turkish

Country:  Belgium, Turkey

Category:  Drama

Director:  Guy Lee Thys

Stars:  Cem Akkanat, Simon Van Buyten, Gamze Tazim

Run time:  98 min

Release:  2012

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