Aki, who loves freedom, mets Masaya, an aspiring watchmaker. The two have opposite personalities and initially clash. The two reach better terms when Masaya is able to see Aki’s inner pain. Eventually, Masaya uncovers Aki’s sad past which was supposed to be held secret from everyone.

27099_originalA young part-timer in a convenience store, Tomita Aki, leaves on his bike for a trip. On the way he meets a woman whom he helps, and who invites him in return to her house. The house turns out to be a clock shop, a young apprentice working there, Saitou Masaya, reminds Aki of his childhood friend and the tragic event that happened close to the train station.

The story is simple. Aki is a furita (freeter — a young Japanese person who chooses part-time work over a salaried position). When he decided to ride his bike through the Japanese countryside, he quits his job and goes. Along the way, he helps a woman who almost loses her 32kg luggage down a pedestrian fly-over when his bike suffers some minor problem. She invites him to come to her house for the evening. There lives “Grampa”, a master watchermaker and Masaya, the watchermaker’s apprentice.

Aki and Masaya’s relations get off to a somewhat mysterious rocky start — although Masaya is prissy. We then come to learn through a wristwatch Aki wears that doesn’t work, that Aki had a childhood friend/love of his life named Hayato who looks exactly like Masaya. The Aki-Masaya tension increases and we learn what has happened between Aki and Hayato.


You may watch a clip from the movie here:

Original Title: Kizumomo.


Language:  Japanese

Country:  Japan

Category: Drama

Director:  Toru Yamamoto

Stars:  Toru Baba, Yuta Furukawa, Ryûnosuke Kawai

Run time:  70 min

Release:  2008

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