A Cha-Cha For The Fugitive

A bisexual artist is waiting to move to New York City to be with his male lover while living with his girlfriend in a sumptuous loft in Taipei.

101008011038ab2adb6888c409In order to save enough money to implement the trip to New York, he joins the dancing group that formed part of the fat stripteaser’s show. Later on, he takes his girlfriend to Yenshui for the firecracker festival and happens to witness a weird murder with video recorder in hand. He then becomes the target of the mysterious killer.

(Source: asianwiki.com)

The official trailer in unavailable. You may watch a clip from a thematically similar film here:

Original Title: Gei tao wang zhe de qia qia

AKA: A Cha-Cha for the Fugitive


Language:  Mandarin

Country:  Taiwan

Category: Thriller

Director: Tsai-sheng Wang

Stars:  Chieh-i Chen, Julien Chen, Tsung-sien He

Run time:  83 min

Release:  1997

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