Hong Kong Night Club

Shibata and Tategami are Japanese journalists hiding out in the Lost City Night Club to elude the triads. Shibata falls in love with the club’s hottest singer, Cora, but is hampered by his disguise – as a woman. She in turn loves Tachikami, who is gay, and desires Shibata.

c2ba671bShibata is a photographer assigned to cover the “dark side” of Hong Kong with his partner Takegami. They find it in the form of a drug deal that ends in murder.

Sadly, they’re discovered by the culprits, led by seasoned mobster Ng Chi-Hung. In order to escape the bad guys, Shibata dons a dress and together they pretend to be a Japanese couple on their honeymoon. But the triads have Takegami’s passport and are taking any Japanese tourists off the street in their manhunt, the duo run into the Lost Castle Club. Once in, they unwittingly become a cabaret act and in the process meet Cora, the resident singer. She falls for Takegami, Takegami falls for his bedmate Shibata and Shibata falls for Cora.

Then things get really strange. They stumble into a nightclub where they’re mistaken for a cabaret act by the club goers. Thanks to the shenanigans of magician Richard Ng, the two manage to stay on in their adopted identities of Touch and Maggie. That’s fine with Shibata, because he falls for the club’s lead singer Cora, who in turn falls for Touch. There’s just one big hitch: Touch is gay, and in love with Shibata.

(Source: imdb.com; lovehkfilm.com; asianwiki.com)

You may watch the official trailer here:

Original Title: Hon Kon daiyasokai: Tatchi & Magi


Language:  Japanese

Country:  Japan

Category: Crime

Director: Takayoshi Watanabe

Stars: Stephen Au, Shingo Katori, Gorô Kishitani

Run time:  112 min

Release:  1997

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