Sugar Sweet

Naomi makes lesbian porn. But it’s not the over-the-top-dumb-dialogue-kind of lesbian porn that guys get off on, so her producers demand a re-shoot. At the same time she’s directing the first lesbian love story for a pseudo-reality TV dating show, with her bubbly Gen-X pal Azusa and an office manager/dominatrix go-go dancer named Miki as the featured couple. All the while, Naomi spends her nights online, confessing her fears and dreams to a gentle, supportive soul known only by her screen name Sugar.

van201203072127189-jpgSugar Sweet tells the story of lesbian porn director Naomi. Her employers insist that her films are becoming too gay and her closest friends have labeled her as a sellout due to her profession. To let go of her frustrations, Naomi confides in her online friend Sugar. Suddenly, Naomi is offered a chance to direct an all-girl dating gameshow. When she accepts the position, she casts Miki, an exotic dancer by night and executive by day. Also chosen is her friend Azusa, whose love life has not been too great recently. As soon as the television romance turns into a hot off-camera romance, even Naomi finds herself caught up in the flaming excitement.


You may watch the official trailer here:

Original Title: Sugar Sweet


Language:  Japanese

Country:  Japan

Category:  Comedy

Director: Desiree Lim

Stars: Saori Kitagawa, Saki, Tamayo

Run time:  67 min

Release:  2001

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