Boy’s Choir

The film is set in the 1970’s and revolves around a newly orphaned teenage boy who also happens to stutter. Sent to an orphanage, he is teased and almost runs away, until a beautiful, androgynous boy convinces him to join the choir. The dynamic between these boys forms the overall arc of the rest of the film, with the choir itself serving as the vehicle. There is also a subplot involving the choir-master and a female from his political-activist past.

mrbr65Michio, 15, is sent to a remote, Catholic boys orphanage soon after the death of his father. Awkward and unable to speak without stuttering, he finds it nearly impossible to get along in his new environment.

Yasuo, the star soprano in the school choir, helps him escape but then convinces him to come back to the orphanage and join the choir.

The two boys become fast friends. But while rehearsing with the choir at a neighboring girls school, Yasuo becomes jealous of Michio’s sudden fascination with the opposite sex.

To vent his frustration, Yasuo spends the Summer marching in anti-war demonstrations in Tokyo. When he returns to school in the Fall, he discovers to his horror that his angelic voice has changed.

(Source:; youtube synopsis)

You may watch the official trailer here:

Original Title: Dokuritsu shonen gasshôdan


Language: Japanese

Country:  Japan

Category:  Music

Director: Akira Ogata

Stars: Atsushi Itô, Sora Tôma, Teruyuki Kagawa

Run time:  129 min

Release:  2000

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