Bokura No Ai No Kanade

Maki is a young gay music student who’s completely smitten with his classmate Ruiku, who plays piano with incredible passion but is cold and distant to everyone. Maki decides to do whatever it takes to get Ruiku to return his feelings. But will Maki’s attempts be in vain?

tumblr_mg0urpf5X51rjoqwpo1_500Maki and Ruiku are both pianists at school. Maki spends his time goofing off with friends and doesn’t really practice, but Ruiku takes the piano very seriously and keeps to himself. Maki notices Ruiku playing the piano one day and slowly starts becoming interested in him. Maki tries to get close to Ruiku, but Ruiku brushes him off. Finally, Maki convinces Ruiku to teach him how to play the piano better asking him to help him practice for his final exam.. This is the start of their love.


You may watch the official trailer here:

Original Title: Bokura no ai no kanade


Language:  Japanese

Country:  Japan

Category:  Romance

Director: Yôka Kusano

Stars:  Tsuyoshi Hayata, Teru Toko, Masato Uchiyama

Run time:  71 min

Release:  2008

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