Ethan Mao

Kicked out of his house because he’s gay, Ethan Mao returns home to steal and ends up holding his family hostage on a fateful Thanksgiving Day.

ethan-mao-2 (1)Ethan Mao, a Chinese American boy has been working (gratis) for his father Abe all his life in their Chinese restaurant. One evening at closing time a young man enters the negligently unlocked door and robs Ethan’s cash register at gunpoint. Abe enters form the back of the restaurant and kills the robber, much to Ethan’s chagrin. This results in an angry confrontation.

Ethan is still mourning the loss of his mother and loathes his stepmother Sarah, a would-be actress who married Abe for money, bringing along her own son Josh, a bright young man of obvious mixed genetic pool. Ethan also has a younger brother Noel with whom he has a warm and strong bond. Sarah discovers a gay magazine in Ethan’s room, shares this with Abe, and Abe throws Ethan out of his home for being gay and shaming his family.

Booted out of his comfortable suburban house by his father for being gay Ethan Mao, 18, survives on the street as a hustler selling sex to older men.

He meets Remigio, 19, a drug dealer and sometime hustler, who befriends Ethan and takes him in. After being tipped off by his younger brother that his family is going on a day trip on Thanksgiving Day, Ethan asks Remigio for a ride to his family house to get some of his belongings and a necklace that belonged to his late mother.

Ethan and Remigio break into Ethan’s family house, but are caught in the act and believe they have no choice other than to hold his father, stepmother, and bullying stepbrother hostage.

In the following increasingly desperate hours, Ethan, his family, and Remigio are forced to confront their unresolved conflicts between each other. As the tension between Ethan and his family escalates, their inner demons and family secrets unravel in this suspenseful drama.


You may watch the official trailer here:

Original Title: Ethan Mao

Tagline:  Sometimes the only way out is to break in.

Language:  English

Country:  Canada, USA

Category:  Thriller

Director:   Quentin Lee

Stars:  Jun Hee Lee, Raymond Ma, Julia Nickson

Run time:  87 min

Release:  2004

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