Formula 17

Cradling his lucky condom, Tien moves to Taipei to meet an Internet hottie. But as soon as said hottie drops the “I have some hot DVDs at home” bomb, Tien flees to a nightclub, unwilling to part with his virginity outside the context of a passionate love affair. At the club, he glimpses Bai, a/k/a “Playboy No. 1.” Bai’s got a pitch-black heart, though, either from reading girlie mags or an unprecedented series of one-night stands.

Formula-17-starring-Tony-Yang-and-Duncan-Lai-26Tien is a naive seventeen-year-old from the provinces who comes to Taipei to live with his old friend Yu, a bartender in a gay bar, for a summer. Tien is gay, a virgin, and intends to stay a virgin until he is in a meaningful love relationship. Yu is suffering from a relationship that is tainted by distance, but he sees the need to introduce Tien into the active gay life in Taipei – and to put an end to Tien’s virginity. Together with Yu’s friends Tien is introduced to gay bars, is set up with hunks, but he holds to his values – until he eyes 30-year-old playboy Bai Tieh-nan, a famous for his one night stands.

When Tien sees Bai, the number one gay playboy who seems more interested in sex then love. Bai believes he is cursed to never find love, because any relationship he has will end badly. And because of this he becomes a one night stand only guy. But soon they see each other more often, at the gym where Tien works, on the street. And they slowly start to fall in love. One night they have sex and this takes Bai emotions for a turn for the worst, and sends Tien to question love on all levels when a friend of Bai’s says he hopes you don’t misunderstand the morning after when Bai has gone to his friends house. Will they be together? Will they both believe in love again?

We gradually learn that Bai is a sensitive hunk with issues who is afraid to fall in love, hence his one night stand rule.

Scaring of getting hurt and hurting Tien, Bai decides to leave Tien after the romantic night. In fact, this can do nothing but hurts both of them. At this time, Bai knows he has to overcome his fear of intimacy because he has fallen in love with Tien. He prays to God, hoping God can give him one more chance, and getting Tien back. Then the miracle happens, and they two finally get together.


You may watch the official trailer here:

Original Title: 17 sui de tian kong

Tagline:  The right recipe for fun.

Language:  Mandarin, English

Country:  Taiwan

Category:  Comedy

Director: Yin-jung Chen

Stars:  Tony Yang, Duncan Lai, Chin King

Run time:  93 min

Release:  2004

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