Go Go G-Boys

Hong and Shin have had a special friendship since childhood. As adults they have drifted only in that Hong holds a menial job and likes girls while Shin is a rock star and likes boys. Gradually Shin starts to have feelings for Hung. go-go-g-boys11

Hung decides to join a G-Boys Beauty Contest contest in order to win USD 300,000 prize to pay for his girlfriend’s credit card debt. At the same time, an anti-gay cop, Jay, is assigned to pretend as gay and join the contest to investigate a possible crime.

The only problem is that all the entrants have to be gay. To help him get through the ordeal, Shin also enters the contest.

The two are joined by a crew of hot, handsome Asian guys all vying for the title of G-Boy of the year, and the prize that goes with the crown.

Unknown to them there is a mad bomber trying to destroy the contest and a spy trying to disrupt the proceedings from within their midst. Will the contest finish with a bang? Will the contestants all look good in the swim suit competition? Will Hong and Shin discover that they are more than just “friends”? Only at the grand finale will all the truths be revealed and the G-Boys Queen be crowned.

(Source: imdb.com; asianwiki.com)

You may watch the official trailer here:

Original Title: Dang wo men tong zai yi qi


Language:  Mandarin

Country:  Taiwan

Category:  Comedy

Director:  Jong-jong Yu

Stars:  TAE, Cheng-Kang Tang, Tea

Run time:  90 min

Release:  2006

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