Yaji And Kita: The Midnight Pilgrims

This is the story of two samurai in Edo period Japan who are in love. One is married, the other is a drug addict. They decide that in order to make things better they will go on a trip to Ise Sanctuary, where its presumed, everything will be made right. What happens once they get on the road is the movie.

Yaji&Kita_smallYaji and Kita’s Midnight Pilgrimage is about two gay lovers who make their way from medieval Edo to Ise and then modern-day Tokyo.

They are gay lovers with two problems. Yaji is married, Kita is a drug addict. Their lives in Edo have become a spiral of despair, so when Yaji sees an advertisement in the post for Ise, “Get back to Reality” He decides that a pilgrimage to Ise will be good for them, there, maybe Kita can get the monkey off his back.

Kita sports a bleached topknot and has a heroin addiction. Concerned about the health of his friend and lover, Yaji forces his drugged up friend that he needs to go to Ise in order to clean up, so they hop upon Yaji’s motorcycle and make their way to Ise. They almost reach their destination when a police officer makes them return to Edo and hike along the Tokaido road to reach their destination.

The lovers move along the Tokaido Road, stopping at various inns along the way. The first is the Laugh Inn. No one gets through the check point with out doing a comedy routine. The second is the Music Inn, where you get a song with each cup of tea, from a transsexual innkeeper. His daughter is very sad because her music is so bad, it causes Mt. Fuji to hide in the haze. Kita fools himself into thinking he is love with the daughter, but she is in love with Yaji.

In the mean time, an inspector Kin-kin has found Yaji’s wife Ohatsu murdered, and he’s hot on the pair’s trail.

Their trails and tribulations move on, Inn after Inn, through the mundane to the surreal with all the colour and cogency of a magic mushroom trip, which incidentally, plays a big part in the latter part of the film.

This movie is a psychedelic road trip through the mind of a junkie.

 (Source: imdb.com)

You may watch the official trailer here:

Original Title: Mayonaka no Yaji-san Kita-san


Language:   Japanese

Country:  Japan

Category:  Comedy, Fantasy

Director:  Kankurô Kudô

Stars:  Tomoya Nagase, Shichinosuke Nakamura, Sadao Abe

Run time:  124 min

Release:  2005

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