My Brother… Nikhil

Famous swimmer Nikhil Kapoor deals with the repercussions of announcing that he has HIV/AIDS.

nikhil21The Kapoors have been living in Goa for several years, and are a well-known and respected family. Navin Kapoor is now retired, and lives with his wife, Anita, who has some Portugese blood, a sportsman son, Nikhil, and daughter, Anamika. Navin is thrilled to know that Nikhil has been selected for a sports scholarship and will be representing Goa in a national swimming championship.

Before that could happen, Nikhil is asked by his coach to take a break and let some fresh youngsters take over; he is eventually dismissed from the team; Navin and Leena encounter hostile stares whenever they go out together; and Leena is shunned by her friends

The basic premise of the movie is that Nikhil, a National level swimming champion, is tested HIV positive. And fearing the deadly disease AIDS, the society neglects him. The very people who should not let go of him, start shunning him, and this includes his parents. The only people who stand by him are his sister and most important person in his life, Anamika, her fiancé Sam, and Nikhil’s partner, Nigel.

After, Nikhil is diagnosed with Aids and his parents disown him, he goes to his partner, Nigel. He is treated like a criminal and is locked in a dirty room for months before the lawyer fights for his rights. He has the freedom to live freely and lead a normal life, like any other person. Now, he has no parents, no job, and no life. Only support he has is of his beautiful caring sister, Anu, Nigel, and Sam.

The film has an important message: not HOW a person gets AIDS (or HIV virus) but how the life of one with AIDS gets affected.

It was the first feature in India where the protagonist was a homosexual and the film dealt with the stigma of HIV.

(Source:; youtube synopsis)

You may watch the official trailer here:

Original Title: My Brother… Nikhil


Language:  English, Hindi

Country:  India

Category:  Drama

Director:  Onir

Stars:  Sanjay Suri, Juhi Chawla, Purab Kohli

Run time:  120 min

Release:  2005

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