An 18 year old virgin boatman from the rural Philippines finds his tender sexual awakening complicated by a dark secret from his family’s past.

11068_102602769766884_100000514840630_68346_2287449_nSagwan is the story about the hot young boatmen that work as guides in a small Filipino town. They boys do more that give boat rides, for an extra fee they are happy to share themselves with their clients. Alfred is the newest guy working the boats and is conflicted about doing the extras. Little by little he comes to understand the source of his conflicts and resolves them with the best tool around, love.

Alfred prides himself as the only boatman who has not resorted to the sex-for-money arrangement his comrades have grown accustomed to. He is faced with pressure from all sides—from his friend Eman who tries to convince him of the benefits of the “trade,” his father whose gambling addiction requires financing, and even from his girlfriend, Cecilia who longs for a more sexually gratifying relationship.

While at first Alfred is fascinated by the pleasures of the flesh, he soon learns that true pleasure originates from somewhere deep in the human soul.

As the movie progresses, Alfred finds a way to give Cecilia what she wants and, at the same time, comes to terms with his confused feelings for Eman.

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Original Title: Sagwan


Language:   Filipino, Tagalog

Country:   Philippines

Category:  Drama

Director:  Monti Parungao

Stars:  Ryan Dungo, Dennis Torres, Martina Wilson

Run time:  101 min

Release:  2009

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