Love Me Not

A sweet and daring portrait of blurred sexuality and love complications of a boy and girl, two best friends and both gay.

love-me-notThe tells the story of Dennis and Aggie, pals since primary school and roommates for five years. He works in a painting studio while she’s a photographer and aspiring filmmaker. Both are gay, but inseparable as friends.

Now all grown up, they decide to move out of their parents’ cramped digs and get an apartment together. Though she likes girls and he likes boys, the arrangement seems to pose no problems, and makes it easier to mislead their folks about their sexual orientations. Things only get awkward when Aggie breaks up with her girlfriend and apparently starts thinking about having a baby.

Matters become tense, however, when Dennis announces an arranged marriage and Aggie finds herself increasingly jealous.

The fist scene shows a lesbian woman and gay man share an apartment in Hong Kong in the first act of a breezy, upbeat gender comedy suitable for all audiences. But  this proceeds to deconstruct the film in the second half with all-new actors slipping into the main roles.


You may watch the official trailer here:

Original Title:

Tagline:  He is my girlfriend. She is my boyfriend.

Language:  Cantonese

Country:  Hong Kong

Category:  Comedy

Director:  Gilitte Leung

Stars:  Kenneth Cheng, Afa Lee

Run time:  92 min

Release:  2012

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